UI UX - User interface and User Experience Design

From the Experts Counnication Designer, Housecodies present you the best UI/UX. User Interface and User Experience for web and mobile apps design, from the design background, in digital products and a desire to work in tech, Before jumping into UI/UX design you need to master the basics of web & visual design as all of those principles and skills will be carried over UI design (designing buttons, typography, white space, drop shadow, working with colour combinations, gradients, different kinds of grids, layouts etc).

Having good understanding and solid foundation in visual and web design is essential to become a skilled UI/UX designer.

UI UX Design

Very strong visual/UI design is very valuable asset and crucial step of becoming UI/UX designer and probably the hardest discipline to perfect. it takes months, years of practice. You need to focus on visual/UI design as the very big part of your skillset. You have to learn how to design user interfaces for different kind of devices including desktop, tablet, mobile etc. Every single day you need to work, perfect and sharpen your design skills — how to do that? I’ve pointed below few ideas and methods that you might use.

Get familiar with UI/UX design patterns